Uttarakhand State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA)


Uttarakhand State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA)

USOCA is the First National Government Agency of India accredited by NAB (National Accreditation Body, Min. Of Commerce, Govt of India) as per National programme for organic production (NPOP) and issue certification for the National and international market based on council regulation EC 834/2007 and Swiss organic farming ordinance for unprocessed plant products originating in India) and recognition of accreditation and certification system by the USDA –NOP

Why we are…

  • To provide affordable organic inspection and certification service
  • Commitment for improving soil, plant, animal, human and environment health.
  • To promote respect for local culture
  • General awareness creation for organic certification
Uttarakhand State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA)

Our Certification

(USOCA) is an Indian State Government Certification Body....


USOCA follows the following certification standards

USS & OPCA Organization

Uttarakhand State Seed and Organic Production Certification Agency


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